HIGHER ALTITUDES – Life Lessons Learnt at 35,000ft

94 Pages
Christian Arts & Empowerment Network
ISBN 9781093972986

Inspirational - Motivational - Transformational!!! Lessons to live by. These principles when applied will empower any life. Spiritual guidance for living your best life now.

Joanne Harte

About Joanne Harte (Hartford, Connecticut Author)

Joanne Harte

Author/Speaker Joanne Harte has spent over 35+ years in the Airline Industry. The majority of those years spent as a Flight Attendant serving at 35,000 feet.
With degrees in Religious Education and Christian Counselling, she now draws my her expertise to teach, all who will listen, how the simple things can enrich any life. Joanne was born in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, South America. She and her family now resides in Connecticut, USA.