Herbal Use in the American Civil War

Herbal Use in the American Civil War
468 Pages
ISBN 978-1544849218

The Civil War was a pivotal moment in the use of herbs as medicine in the United States.

Herbal Use in the American Civil War is a comprehensive resource of the historical use of herbs as medicine.

This book presents a unique overview for readers interested in Women’s, African American and Civil War history; and is a valuable resource book for herb enthusiasts of all levels.

Janet M Brown

About Janet M Brown (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Janet M Brown

Janet Brown has been a Master Herbalist since 1987 and written over one hundred documents on herbal and natural healing.

An EFT practitioner since 2001, she has a success rate with her clients of over 95%. She teaches EFT classes and workshops, written two books on EFT with more on the way. She has also written over 100 workshops and mini-books since 1987, when she began studying herbs and other natural healing methods.

She has received a B.A. in English Literature from Michigan State University, and herbal training from Michigan State University, and Clayton School of Natural Health. She currently is writing a new book on herbs, a new EFT book, and teaches herb classes. She lives with her family and a dog and a cat in a small town in southwest Michigan. Her hobbies include photography, genealogy research, art of all kinds, and animals. She welcomes input and suggestions from all her readers.