Hellen Back – The Attic

Hellen Back
260 Pages
ISBN 1521432783

Jennifer Luck has spent her life in the attic and is now embarking on a journey of darker discoveries with her acceptance to Kale University, a college for gifted young women.

Dark hallways, steepened stairwells, along with strange students and teachers, Jennifer comes to discover there are far worse things, than dusty-drafty old attic rooms, when life twists and turns on a dime, and you're now the one whose found to be... It!

Vicki Lee Zell

About Vicki Lee Zell (Syracuse, New York Author)

Vicki Lee Zell

Vicki Lee entered the world in 1953, born among ten children, the last of siblings as her daddy up and died unexpectedly only five months later. From her very early days, Vicki had this embedded urge, a drive to tell tall tales.

Being poor then was dirt poor, and not much could come true as easily as in today's vast world. Still, Vicki went on with her path, and though many obstacles stood against her, she found her true love; storytelling.

A writer of (friction) she calls it because it does cause such a stir, you will find her stories fresh off the shelf with wavering intentions to get readers to thinkers.