Halito Gianna – The Journey Continues

Halito Gianna
43 Pages
ISBN 1522906231

Gianna Saldaña wants to find out about her father, but this is more difficult than she ever envisioned. She never dreamed by helping another student; she would be able to find out more about herself.

Halito means hello in Choctaw, but Gianna was not to find that out for a long time. This feisty young girl discovers more about her family than she ever envisioned and can't wait to share what she has found out! Come along for the journey!

Becky Villareal

About Becky Villareal (Dallas, Texas Author)

Becky Villareal

Becky Villareal was born in Dallas, Texas in 1954 to Missionary parents who traveled throughout the Southwest. Though her experiences as a child, she has learned the benefit of being multicultural in a diverse society. She loves working on her family history and incorporating her experiences in her writing. Becky travels throughout the country working with libraries and genealogical societies in order to encourage family participation in genealogical research.

She also loves to read, color, spend time with her family, and help other novice writers