Graveyard Bend – Ty Carson #1

Graveyard Bend
203 Pages

There's nothing like spending the summer with a grandpa that you don't remember ever meeting . . . Especially when he's murdered the day you arrive.

It's been ten years since Ty Carson's policeman dad was killed in the small town of Graveyard Bend and he hasn't been back since. . . until now.

Stuck at the boys' home, fourteen-year-old Ty Carson searches for clues to the alleged murder. Can a baseball game, a figure dressed in black, and an old gun collection be the things that he needs to find friendship and bring him closer to God?

Priscilla J. Krahn

About Priscilla J. Krahn (Fargo, North Dakota Author)

Priscilla J. Krahn

Priscilla J. Krahn is the youngest of seven and lives on a farm in northern Minnesota. She's the author of twelve books, including a writing unit study, and her well-loved Christmas mystery, The Fudged Up Murder. When she's not writing articles, books, or blogging at, she can be found helping on the family farm or spending time with family and friends.

Priscilla always loved to read her older siblings books, and that love of reading sparked a passion for writing. Her goal is to write books that not only entertain but also share a Biblical message. In addition to writing, she loves coffee, coffee with friends, coffee with family, coffee with old movies, and a bit more coffee with a touch of Pride and Prejudice.