Grace Upon Grace – The Story of Ibrahima Kodio and a Remarkable School in West Africa

Grace Upon Grace
80 Pages
ISBN 0692746064

Nearly as far away as you can imagine, in a remote, hot, and dusty West African town in the Sahel, there is a school that has defied the odds. In a Muslim country, students are studying the Bible. Where most children are illiterate, kids are being prepared for high school and beyond. Hearts are changing, and hope is being restored. Grace Upon Grace tells the story of how Malian Ibrahima Kodio and a small group of volunteers have created a special place whose effects continue to ripple through the students, the teachers, the families, and through supporters everywhere.

Brandon Pomeroy

About Brandon Pomeroy (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Brandon Pomeroy

Physician and author Brandon Pomeroy has taken part in medical missions to Uganda, Mali, and India, delivering healthcare to areas that have great need. He also participates in a street medicine group. He is co-founder of Grace Missions, Inc., which provides financial and prayer support to a Christian primary school in rural Mali. He lives in Kansas City and this is his first novel.