Graball Road – The True Story of the Civil War’s Greatest Mystery, The Lincoln County Gold Train Robbery of 1865

Graball Road
82 Pages
ISBN 978-179573070

One of enduring legends of the Civil War is the robbery of a wagon train carrying nearly a half million dollars in gold and silver coins through Lincoln County, Georgia in the summer of 1865. The raid, pulled off by destitute Confederate veterans, resulted in a manhunt climaxed by the torture of a planter family by a fanatical Union General. GRABALL ROAD breaks down the crime with documents, eyewitness testimony and facts that separate the truth of the event from 150 years of myths and rumor.

Bob Young

About Bob Young (Columbia County, Georgia Author)

Bob Young

Bob is the former mayor of the City of Augusta and senior executive in the administration of President George W. Bush. An Emmy-nominated broadcast journalist, Bob has been presented the Jefferson Davis Award for his work in South History by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

His first book, The Treasure Train, was a finalist for the Frank Yerby Award. Bob attended Wofford College and Augusta University. He is an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War. Bob and his wife Gwen, a retired real estate broker, live in Augusta’s historic Summerville district.