God, Girls, Golf & the Gridiron (Not Always in That Order) . . . A Love Story

God, Girls, Golf & the Gridiron (Not Always in That Order) . . . A Love Story
442 Pages
Beacon Books LLC
ISBN 978-0-9967691-5-0

Josh Roosevelt is in love. And that’s only the beginning of his problems.

Returning from college to the small town of Morgan, Nebraska, Josh finds himself smitten with Erica Chamberlain. But the course to true love is lined with traps and hazards, from Josh’s inability to decode female signals, to her missions trip to Haiti and the threat of tropical romance, to introspection over the purity of his motives.

Meanwhile, his lifelong church has lost its mind—if not its soul. The new pastor (who replaced Josh’s dad) has a different gimmick every week and the quirky young adults group is constantly on the verge of revolt. Nothing is sacred anymore, but Josh doesn’t know if he’s just bitter because of what happened to his parents or if dear old Morgan Bible has really gone off the deep end.

With the help of his best friends Scotty and Cassie, and with plenty of metaphorical advice from Scotty’s golf-loving dad, Josh spends a summer pursuing Erica and contemplating his relationship with God. Will he ever get his chance to win her heart? And in what condition will he ultimately find his?

God, Girls, Golf & the Gridiron (Not Always in That Order) . . . A Love Story is a delightful read, filled with amusing, humorous characters and their real-life struggles and questions.

Nathan Birr

About Nathan Birr (Sheboygan, Wisconsin Author)

Nathan Birr

Nathan was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1982, and although his family moved when he was only two, he still pines for “the Good Life.” He was raised in the small town of Campbellsport, Wisconsin, where his father was (and still is) the pastor of a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Nathan’s mother homeschooled him and his sister, and he gives his family great credit for instilling Godly values inside of him. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and prayers.”

After graduating from high school, Nathan attended Crown College in Minnesota, where he met his future wife, Sierra. They were married in 2004 and now live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys relaxing with his family, traveling, and snowboarding. He is also an avid college football fan, especially when it comes to his Nebraska Cornhuskers.