Glorious Gertie's Fabulous Fireworks

Glorious Gertie's Fabulous Fireworks
38 Pages
ISBN 978-1-952567-08-7

The location of Gertie's fireworks store means no sales, but that makes it possible to rescue a town's fireworks display. The rescue, in turn, helps her get the funds for better advertising for her store. Her patriotic cat Uncle Sam is pleased by it all.

Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Available in both hardcover and softcover.


“I really love the small-town feel of this book, the old cash register with the moths, and the cat. The descriptive words/phrases and colorful illustrations work great in this book. As a parent, I see these items as conversation starters - for example, "Whoa, hold your horses." I don't know if children these days hear a lot of those nostalgic quotes. I'm looking forward to Glorious Gertie's Fabulous Fireworks release at the end of September.” ~ Lori N. - Austin, MN

Helen Holder

About Helen Holder (Austin, Minnesota Author)

Helen Holder

My childhood ambition was to be a teacher, an author, and an artist. I spent 34 years in the first grade (33 of them as a teacher.) Since retiring from teaching, I write children’s stories and record the doings of the Ladies Floral Club and Friends of the Creche as the secretary for each group. I also do a little illustrating.

Other activities include origami, bookmaking, crocheting, traveling to visit 11 grandchildren and collecting nativity scenes. During the Christmas season, more than 900 nativity scenes take over the house and we become a tourist destination.

I live in Austin, MN with my husband Bill, and a few very hardy plants. My webpage is