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In the quiet town of Swan Quarters, North Carolina, a lonely woman believes she has lost something very precious in her life. In her sadness, she keeps to herself and watches the ocean waters rush in and out from the beach at her back door. The small, strange glasses reflect the sun twinkling on each wave, and her new, young neighbor, Kasey Turner notices.

When the news of missing children in Swan Quarters comes on the television, the town and its residents begin to panic. Kasey and his mom who are new to Swan Quarters are no exception. The young boy notices the strange comings and goings of his neighbor, seeing her in places she would have no reason for being. One day Kasey stumbles onto a clue that adds him to the list of missing children.

With quick thinking, he manages to get his best friend Tammy to help. Getting the information he's gathered to the right people and convincing them to help, he helps the town of Swan Quarters and his strange little neighbor.

Marlene W Potts

About Marlene W Potts (Melbourne, Florida Author)

Marlene W Potts

About the Author

Marlene W. Potts is a native of Washington, D.C. where she was encouraged in the creative art of writing in her senior year of high school. The Penn Center taught and polished the talents of many students in many areas. Marlene started with children's stories and one of her popular children's works jumpstarted her adult detective series Miller's View.

She is a dedicated wife and mom of three beautiful young women all of whom are avid readers from an early age. She is passing her love of reading and writing to the third generation, though electronics are hard to compete with.

She is currently an Author, Novice Screenplay writer, and currently living in the Palm Bay, Florida with her family.