Gifted Time – Spiritual Verse Today Volume 3

Gifted Time
161 Pages
Ontario Shrore Publishing
ISBN 1944878963

Spiritual Verse Today is an inspirational read from Award-Winning #1 Best-Selling author Sharon CassanoLochman. Thousands have found daily comfort and hope through CassanoLochman’s poetic verse.

Spiritual Verse Today’s inspirational messages offer relief from the heaviness of life or crooked trails taken. The daily distractions that tug at the heart left untended. Sorrows overwhelming even on the brightest of days. The snippet of time sometimes wished undone.

There are many battlefields in life. Release your burdens—whatever they may be. Find forgiveness for the past, peace in the moment, and hope for the future.

Join author Sharon CassanoLochman for a walk in God’s Light, Spiritual Verse Today.

Sharon CassanoLochman

About Sharon CassanoLochman (Rochester, New York Author)

Sharon CassanoLochman

Sharon CassanoLochman is a spinner of drama, manipulator of emotions, tailor of personal connections, and a player of words. She writes for the spiritually minded and the young at heart. She is the author of Spiritual Verse Today, Man with the Sand Dollar Face, and Stranded on Thin Ice.

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