Get Yourself Elected – Quick Tips for Winning a Local Election

Get Yourself Elected
97 Pages
ISBN 9781491761908

When I ran for county council years ago, I searched for a book of tips to help me know what to do. Sure, I had helped several other candidates and had run a county-wide Get Out the Vote Campaign, but it’s different when you’re running your own campaign. There’s so much to learn and do, and candidates must hit the ground running. In my book, I have combined my knowledge and experience as a professional trainer with my experience in politics to provide quick tips for candidates in local elections.

The quick, practical tips address how to:

  • Fine-tune your campaign message so it connects with voters
  • Get free publicity
  • Use absentee voting as part of your Get-Out-The-Vote strategy
  • Host low cost fundraisers to maximize efforts

Tammy R. Pickering

About Tammy R. Pickering (Evansville, Indiana Author)

Tammy R. Pickering

Tammy Pickering is passionate about preparing people for leadership roles in their communities. She is a firm believer in the ability of local leaders to make profound positive changes in their communities.

Tammy chaired the Get-Out-The-Vote campaign for her party in Evansville, Indiana for two election cycles. She previously ran for county council and served as a ward leader, developing training for precinct committee members across the county. She is the president of T.R. Pickering & Associates, Inc., a leadership training and communications consulting firm. She also develops leadership programs for the University of Southern Indiana.