Gearheads Cookbook – A Shop Manual for the Kitchen

Gearheads Cookbook
104 Pages
ISBN 978-0615548883

Whether you’re a single man who wants to impress the ladies with your cooking skills, or a woman trying to make the man you’ve got a little more useful, this book will help explain the mysteries of the kitchen to the man who has always been more comfortable in the garage.

Steve Ward

About Steve Ward (Spokane, Washington Author)

Steve Ward

I was raised in a family that followed typical roles for the genders; Mom did the cooking, cleaned the house, and told my Dad what tie to wear. Dad went to work, gave his paycheck to Mom, and did home repairs and car stuff. Somehow they decided they should teach me both things, so I learned things many other boys didn’t. When I became a teenager, I ate enormous amounts of food and my Mom told me I was on my own if I wanted more than she had already made. At that age, I could eat 3 dinners for dinner, and another one an hour later. Thus began my learning the craft of cooking.

As far as machinery is concerned, I was a professional VW mechanic for years, and that’s how I learned to work on more than one thing at a time. The more I got done in a day, the more money I made. Sometimes it was even enough to live on! Once I discovered the local autocross club, I got really involved in that, eventually building my own open wheel car from scratch and was the fastest guy out there for years. I raced at Bonneville, did a little road racing, and have a vintage car project in the very back of the shop. Right now, I have a bunch of street motorcycles being prepared to sell.