Freedom Seeking – Originally Growing Independent

Freedom Seeking
115 Pages
ISBN 978-1-945175-46-6

Freedom Seeking is a workbook which can be a stand alone book in the format of questions and answers. Freedom Seeking takes the reader on an in-depth journey to discover their everyday life and skills. Each question makes a person really thing about their life and why, and how they are living it. Target especially for young people, and people who have disabilities, and victims of violence. Freedom Seeking is a life guide for anyone who chooses to read, and implement it.

Tiffani Harvey

About Tiffani Harvey (Spokane, Washington Author)

Tiffani Harvey

Tiffani Harvey, a lifelong resident of Washington, was born with many disabilities and has several family members with other disabilities.

While looking for needed information for herself, she realized others could use the information, so she wrote it down.

Tiffani is married and has two children.

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