Freedom Seeker – Originally Journey to Independence

Freedom Seeker
230 Pages
Grey Dog Press
ISBN 978-1-945175-36-7

Freedom Seeker is a journey to independence which is meant to help people who are trying to make their own choices in life. The author tells her own life story in the hope that readers will learn how to make their own choices. The suggestions and questions through out this book are guidelines to help people with disabilities know what kinds of questions they should ask before making decisions.

Tiffani Harvey

About Tiffani Harvey (Spokane, Washington Author)

Tiffani Harvey

Tiffani Harvey, a lifelong resident of Washington, was born with many disabilities and has several family members with other disabilities.

While looking for needed information for herself, she realized others could use the information, so she wrote it down.

Tiffani is married and has two children.

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