Forgotten Precursors – Scientists, Engineers, Educators and Their Insight In The World

Forgotten Precursors
170 (with 100 Illustrations) Pages
ISBN 978-1543905458

This is a book of educational essays dedicated to people curious to learn about distinguished engineers and scientists whose quest was to discover, build and transform the world. Its chapters, filled with photos, sketches, and quotes, bring to life the visual and written legacy of these geniuses. Also, several “sidebars” reveal examples of the earth’s own spectacular formation or of an engineered structure built around it with passion and care.

Why did I choose these personalities? I choose these scientists and engineers because each of them was the initiator of a particular field of knowledge, and because they merged, both in their life and work, the ephemeral know-how to the eternal longing, and the love of discovery to the care for society.

This book presents the life, thoughts, and achievements of bright individuals who give us the sense of awe, the feeling of human pride, and the excitement to go further; beyond what we see, touch, or hear.

Nabil Hourani

About Nabil Hourani (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Nabil Hourani

I am an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion. I live south of Boston, Massachusetts. I have over 30 years of national and international experience in Civil Engineering and Geo-technology.

I have been an invited lecturer at several seminars in the US and abroad. I am also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

I have written several professional papers in national publications. I published a poetry e-book in French and another book titled "Forgotten Precursors".

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