Flicker of Emotion – Chronicles of Penny, Marc, Bill, and Amber

Flicker of Emotion
266 Pages
ISBN 978-1497524767

The excitement in Penny’s marriage has disappeared, and although she and Marc have two children, Marc is focused on making a living, and Penny is feeling ignored, and these feelings lead her toward Bill.

Penny always envied her friend Amber, but lost touch with her over the years. Amber comes to visit and confesses to Penny that she had killed her own children by letting them drown. Amber let her children drown, and then blamed it on her husband, who was drunk and didn’t remember what he did or where he was, and so was convicted of the heinous crime. Penny didn’t believe it at first, but later, after she discovers Amber’s new beau is a sexual predator, starts to believe that what she told her is true, and goes to the cops.

This Justice Gray story of a trying friendship unfolds with suspense and intertwined webs of romance, lies, alcohol abuse, as a plethora of strange events climax, the story conveys deep emotions, and vivid images.

Justice Gray

About Justice Gray (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Justice Gray

Justice Gray is a Midwestern who loves watching people. She seems to attract people who don’t have much of a future, and end up in circle of life—or what goes around comes around type of world. She loves interacting with these people, as it gives her more story material.

There are ten books in the series, The Garbage Collector Series.

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