Flashlight, Recorder and Comfortable Shoes – A simple guide to Paranormal Investigation

A guide for the novice investigator of the Paranormal. This is 142 pages of very simple step by step book of instructions, Right down to creating a client's report and old school techniques for those a little short on funds. Did you know you could use stuff you already have in your home? This is a MUST read.

Ted VanSon

About Ted VanSon (Rochester, New York Author)

Ted VanSon

Born in a little town called Avon New York 30 minutes south of Rochester. Raised what they would call as dirt poor, worked on farms from a very young age lived in a trailer park until his teens, father came from military background and Roman Catholic religion.

Mother came from a migrant family of farmers and simple folk. Native American, Seneca decent.

Ted became ordained as a minister in 1993 and is an active investigator of the paranormal. He has written his first non-fiction book in corroboration with Mr. Keith Spratley, a UK Author of fictional stories.

He is the Creator and host of Paratalkradio.com and every week interviews members of the paranormal, mysterious and the unknown. The phenomena of the strange, UFOs, cryptozoology, metaphysical and parapsychology has always been a driving interest for him.