Fierce on the Page – Become the Writer You were Meant to Be and Succeed on Your Own Terms

Fierce on the Page
229 Pages
ISBN 978-1599639932

You have everything you need—and you are everything you need—to do the writing you are meant to do. And yet the path to success can be difficult to find and follow.

Veteran author and writing guide Sage Cohen believes that ferocity is your best compass for finding your true way forward. In Fierce on the Page, she shows you how to transform your attitude and practices so you can:

  • Unleash your creativity
  • Cultivate your strengths
  • Overcome resistance, fear, and other obstacles
  • Define success on your own terms
  • Move intentionally toward your goals
  • Become unstoppable in your evolution

In this collection of personal, practical, and provocative essays, you’ll unlock the secrets to crafting your best writing and your best life.

Sage Cohen

About Sage Cohen (Portland, Oregon Author)

Sage Cohen

Sage Cohen is the author of Fierce on the Page, The Productive Writer, and Writing the Life Poetic, all from Writer’s Digest Books, and the poetry collection Like the Heart, the World from Queen of Wands Press.

Sage’s prizewinning poems, essays, fiction, and how-to articles have appeared in a wide range of publications including Rattle, Hip Mama; The Night, and the Rain, and the River; The Truth of Memoir; Cup of Comfort for Writers, and Writer’s Digest magazine. She has been sought out as a literary instructor, writing coach, presenter, performer, and judge.

As founder of Sage Communications, Sage has been crafting the strategies and writing the words that accelerate business for companies such as Blue Shield, American Express, and McKesson since 1997. She is a graduate of Brown University and the Creative Writing Program at New York University where she was awarded a full fellowship.

Sage lives in Portland, Oregon with her young son and a menagerie of animals.