Feisty Old Gangbusters

Feisty Old Gangbusters
236 pages Pages
ISBN 9781717246585

In this highly anticipated sequel to Feisty Old Ladies, Margot Manning, the still dazzling and fun-loving Fashionista, once again turns accidental sleuth to solve mysteries and crimes. Having cracked the cases at Shady Palms, Margot and the two other feisty old ladies, Nancy and Jane, create FOL Enterprises, an eponymous fashion house in a magnificent Spanish Colonial historic building where they design and fabricate clothing for the senior set.

The mystery opens with Margot tripping over the body of their murdered foreman in the parking lot. Once she recovers from her injuries, Margot is determined to find out why Juan was murdered and who done it. Dangers escalate when the feisty ladies are harassed and threatened by neighborhood homies. New and former characters mix in a tale of comedy and romance, glitz and glamour that teems with suspense.

Hans, Margot’s beau, despairs over her escapades and has fits when she takes a fancy to Felipe, an adorable eight-year-old, who lives in a run-down building next to the factory with his madre and gang member brother. Even so, Margot and Hans plan a posh wedding and a honeymoon in Denmark. Halfway through the mystery, when Margot crosses a criminal gang, she and her partners find themselves in deep trouble. Only by using their wits, can they hope to escape.

Cynthia Weitz

About Cynthia Weitz (Orange County, California Author)

Cynthia Weitz

Cynthia Weitz is the author of Feisty Old Ladies, a fun mystery which follows the adventures of Margot Manning and her merry band of accidental sleuths. The story takes place in Orange County venues that local readers are familiar with.

Feisty Old Gangbusters, her second mystery in the series will soon be published.

Her works have appeared in the Orange Herring newsletter for Sisters in Crime Orange County, Mused-The Bella online literary review, The Cynic Online, and publications of Saddleback College: The Wall Literary Journal and Reflections. A veteran of the publishing industry, she worked in marketing research for a New York advertising agency, McCall’s magazine, Condé Nast Publications, and The Los Angeles Times.

Her writings have been enriched by her travels throughout the world and by her experience as an interior designer.

A lover of art and art history, Cynthia has been a Docent at the Laguna Art Museum and at the Festival of Arts.

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