Aphrodite – Mythikas Island Book Three

308 Pages
ISBN 1456377728

Four Girls, One Island, No Second Chances . . . The story is set in 3,500 BC and portrays the Titans as a band of fair-haired marauders who have taken over a mythical island named Helios where they have built a stronghold on Mt. Olympus. In order to earn a seat on the ruling council, their children must undergo a survival challenge on a deserted outer island. On Mythikas they will learn their strengths and weaknesses and face their greatest fears.

Book three follows seventeen-year-old Aphrodite, the seer who is numbed by the constant barrage of negative emotions and physical terrors of the challenge. The runes aren’t answering her questions and no one believes her warnings. She retreats into her fantasy world as the pressures mount and the waters rise. Can she save them from a deluge or is she delusional?

Diana Hurwitz

About Diana Hurwitz (The Villages, Florida Author)

Diana Hurwitz

Diana Hurwitz spent her childhood near Cincinnati daydreaming and writing poetry. She is often found lost in a book and dissects fiction for fun. She currently resides in central Florida with her husband and two cats.

When not writing, she indulges in reading, painting, jewelry design, travel, graphic art, and web design.She is a member of Mystery Writers of America and the Ladyscribes critique group.

She writes the Story Building Blocks series and the companion blog, Game On!, because she loves helping other writers and as a book addict thinks life is too short for bad fiction. She is the author of the young adult series Mythikas Island which she was inspired to write for her teen daughter who complained, “Why do YA books always have love triangles? Can’t a girl be a hero without a boyfriend?” The answer is, “Yes, yes she can.” She contributes to the Blood Red Pencil Blog with other fun editors and writers.

She can be found hanging out on Facebook far more often than she should be.