Faith's Lesson – The Chronicles of Barrow's Hollow

Faith's Lesson
224 Pages
ISBN 9781462409167

The new novel by Anne Radcliff, “Faith’s Lesson: The Chronicles of Barrow’s Hollow” (published by Inspiring Voices), offers a tale of a girl and her trials in the rural Maine countryside in the early 1800s.

Rejecting the dystopian, edgy and countercultural themes seemingly embraced in literature today, Radcliff provides a wholesome and wholly literary body of work with a positive message.

The composition harkens to the formally crafted books of yesteryear, when grammar, usage and style mattered.

Readers join the protagonist, Faith Hale, on an intriguing and unexpected journey, starting with a mysterious letter and leading to a time-shifting flight. A coming-of-age story of personal growth, “Faith’s Lesson” offers readers an unforgettable and deeply moving experience, complete with valuable lessons about love, fortitude, faith, forgiveness and the purpose that comes from within.

This turn-of-the-century New England heroine, armed with tenacious self-reliance and wit bolstered by faith and values, finds herself in a world of circumstance, quite unlike that of her own, as she begins a journey of discovery.

Anne Radcliff

About Anne Radcliff (Sarasota, Florida Author)

Anne Radcliff

Anne Radcliff practiced law in Pennsylvania for more than two decades. She received political science and English degrees from Colgate University and a juris doctor from Case Western Reserve University. With six book titles, countless articles and a collection of poems previously published, Radcliff now pursues her passion for writing fiction.