Face the Winter Naked – A Novel of the Great Depression

Face the Winter Naked
300 Pages
ISBN 978-1521800362

Daniel Tomelin—a battle-worn veteran haunted by the carnage of World War 1—deserts his family in the Great Depression and goes on the road seeking work and relief from the nightmares of PTSD. Set in a tragic era when hope was sometimes all they had, this story parallels today's economic turmoil and unemployment.

It's a wife and mother providing for her children under miserable circumstances, while her husband tramps around the country playing a banjo, searching for answers to the puzzle of Daniel Tomelin, keeping his hillbilly sense of humor, his humanity, his love of God and nature intact, while deep inside feeling ashamed and unworthy of the family he loves with all his heart. Like hundreds of other down-and-out men during the Great Depression, Daniel's wounded pride for being unable to care for his wife and children prevents him from going home.

Readers may feel they are hiking with this simple carpenter through the Ozark hills of Missouri as he wears out his cardboard "Hoover" insoles searching for his next meal, an odd job, or shelter from the dust and sweltering heat that summer of 1932. But they'll be glad they're not.

Bonnie Turner

About Bonnie Turner (Green Bay, Wisconsin Author)

Bonnie Turner

Bonnie Turner - one of the few remaining members of the Greatest Generation - was born on Halloween in Independence, Missouri, at the height of the Great Depression. She learned to read in first grade from the famed "Dick and Jane" readers. Many years later, her first novel for children (The Haunted Igloo) was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1991.

After her book was released, she visited local grade schools with a life-sized, handmade Eskimo doll, encouraging students to keep reading and writing - and offering polar bear hugs along with her autograph.

Currently residing in Wisconsin, she is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her interests are many and varied, including astronomy, geography, history, yoga, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and parapsychology. She's a self-educated jack-of-all-trades, a Mensa almost, and a classical music and jazz-fusion aficionado.