Evolution Revolution – Simple Lessons

Evolution Revolution
154 Pages
ISBN 9780998499222

Even though his woods are safe from the construction machines, Jack the squirrel can't go back. The scientists who captured Rat, and his sister's mate Jerk, are searching for him-and show up at his human friend Collin's house. To save Jack, Collin and his mother take him to a sanctuary. There, Jack meets Addy and other rescued squirrels, along with Horse and a group of barnyard animals. Collin visits, bringing Mina the talking bird, and teaches Jack the last simple machines: the pulley, the lever, and the gear. Jack shares what he learns with Addy, but Hawk and the scientists are hot after him. One final battle between humans and animals erupts. If Jack wins, he'll have to run away from everything he knows. If he loses, he will never be free.

Introducing the last of the simple machines, confronting issues of teamwork, leaving one's home and the evolving intelligence of animals all come to a head in the final book of this trilogy. Jack's humor, intelligence, and willingness to fight for not only his home, but for the other animals, will entice readers to study their own backyards to observe the animals who visit, and wonder how much can squirrels and friends learn.

Charlotte E Bennardo

About Charlotte E Bennardo (North Jersey Author)

Charlotte E Bennardo

Until Hollywood calls, Charlotte lives in NJ with her husband, three children, two needy cats and sometimes a deranged squirrel. She is the author of the middle-grade STEAM/animal adventure Evolution Revolution trilogy. Simple Machines won the Bronze medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards, Simple Plans, and Simple Lessons (Poolside Press), which won the Gold medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards. She is also the co-author of Blonde Ops (St. Martin’s/Dunne) and the Sirenz series: Sirenz, Sirenz Back In Fashion (Flux). She is a contributor in the anthologies, Beware the Little White Rabbit (Alice Through the Wormhole, Leap), and the ebook, Scare Me To Sleep (a fundraiser to put books in hands of needy children).

She’s written for magazines and newspapers and has given presentations and workshops at NJ SCBWI conferences and other venues. Currently, she’s working on sci-fi, historical, fantasy, time travel and thriller novels for middle grade, young and new adult readers. Connect with her on Twitter (charbennardo), Author Charlotte Bennardo on FB, or through her blog, http://charlotteebennardo.blogspot.com/