Eve's Daughters – Two Women, Two Roles, One Man

Eve's Daughters
12 Pages
ISBN 9781791734602

From time memorial, women have been such subjugated to being used by men. Is that the role God placed us in? Absolutely not.

The enslaved women from around the world were equal to their captors wives in one area, the bedroom.

Here's the poem and short story that my great grandmother's could have written.

Toni Mariani

About Toni Mariani (Union, South Carolina Author)

Toni Mariani

This series, The Mississippi Plantation Series is my first published work. I completed the series with a cookbook, MaDea's Plantation Cookbook-Recipes From the Old South. This book is dedicated to the memory of my paternal great grandmother, Lilli Miller who spoke in a whisper. I never heard the reason why, so I had to come up with a story from my own imaginings, from what I know of human nature.

After completing my series I found out from my mother's sister, one half of our DNA shows that we are from most nations of this planet, including 15% Scandinavian/Vikings. We live, love and die, equal to all, just as my characters do.

Since January of this year, I have written seven books, including a memoir about my two sons who are asleep in the grave.
I was born in St. Louis Missouri, so it follows that I should choose it as my hometown, though I live in Sheboygan Wisconsin.