Energize Your Leadership – Discover, Ignite, Break Through

Energize Your Leadership
228 Pages
ISBN 1507894910

Energize Your Leadership springs from a collaboration of 16 leaders from around the world who came together online with a dream to write a book about ways to ignite individual leadership. We came together around stories and experiences that had one theme in common: leaders were feeling sapped of energy. Somewhere along the way, these leaders had lost a sense of excitement—that feeling of being alive that powers everything you do. Some of us saw it in the workshops we were facilitating, others heard it from coaching clients; many of us noticed it in leadership at the organizations we worked at. No stranger to the phenomenon ourselves, we found that each of us had also experienced a moment or period of lack of excitement and energy. Wherever it was, we heard time and again how leaders were feeling overwhelmed, disengaged, and were searching for meaning. We saw that leadership was in need of a potent dose of energy.

The focus of the book is to understand how energy is a key driver for our individual leadership success. Since energy is the force that propels and moves things forward, when we become energized, we feel empowered to lead with passion and resilience. Our approach to exploring leadership is to journey from the inside out, so leaders first grasp who they are and what they stand for before connecting to and influencing others. It begins with an authentic look at oneself and moves outwards to touch the lives of those we encounter in our personal and professional worlds.

Daniel Buhr

About Daniel Buhr (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Daniel Buhr

Daniel Buhr is an EHS Information Analyst and leader. He seeks out people longing to be more in a do-more world. Daniel challenges the false idea that leadership & management are interchangeable terms.