Dying to Live – How near death experiences increase our faith

This book is the true story of Nigel Mumford and how he managed to survive The H1N1 swine flu journey. He was in a coma for 3 weeks and in the ICU for 3 months. His doctor, a pulmonary physician told he that he had never seen anyone so close to death without dying , he even was in Vietnam as a medic! He had seen a lot of death. Mumford visited heaven several times.

This book is a compelling read. If you have a fear of death, you need to read this. It demystifies the whole journey.

Nigel Mumford

About Nigel Mumford (Virginia Beach, Virginia Author)

Nigel Mumford

Nigel Mumford was born and educated in England. He is an Episcopal Priest and former Royal Marine Commando Drill Instructior. He served in combat with the Marines in the early '70's. He has been to 32 countries. He has written four books, 1) Hand to Hand from Combat to Healing, 2) The Forgotten Touch, 3)After the Trauma, The battle begins and 4) Dying to Live. He also narrated several CD's . Al full bio can be read at www.ByHisWoundsMinistry.org