Dreamwalker – Use Your Dreams To Make Confident Life Decisions

253 Pages
ISBN 9781502771087

Ever dream you were falling through space? Or standing naked in front of a hundred people? Do you dream the same dream over and over? Ever wonder what on earth it all means?

Dreamwalker explores the meaning behind images revealed in more than three decades of the author's meticulously kept dream journals. A corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Patricia Rusch Duffey utilizes her dreams to bolster her intuition by tuning into subliminal messages received in the quiet of the night. She shares how sound decisions were made and fears conquered. The author provides insight into understanding common dream symbols, and she includes those specific to her life as a woman working in a fast paced and competitive environment.

Important suggestions are given on how to remember dreams, making it possible for the reader to harness their power and make confident decisions about work and life.

Patricia Rusch Duffey

About Patricia Rusch Duffey (Henderson, Nevada Author)

Patricia Rusch Duffey

Patricia Rusch Duffey, MBA, enjoyed a corporate career in marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies before consulting in the same fields. She has journaled her dreams for decades and wrote Dreamwalker which explains the symbolism in dreams that she used for practical decision making. She utilized excerpts from real dreams in her first novel, Dreams and Schemes, and is expanding the series.

Collaborations include Frosty's Blessed Life, a children's book based on a true story, and Knock, Knock. (Who's there?) I AM, a compilation of short stories of real people who experienced God in their lives.

Duffey's interests go beyond writing to music, and she plays the French horn in community and church wind ensembles.