Dream Wide Awake – Was she born with a gift or a curse?

Dream Wide Awake
359 Pages

"I picked this up and could. Not. Put. It. Down. I kept thinking about it for weeks afterward." – Alex, Amazon Reviewer.

A kidnapper scribbles quotes on three abduction notes. His fourth mentions Detective Jack Daly’s daughter Mikala. Jack crumbles the note in the palm of his hand and slips it into a pocket.

He can’t let a soul know she’s dreaming.

In this page-turning psychic, crime thriller, four words on Christian stationery force a father to work alone while narrowing a web of suspects and identifying a kidnapper.

Years before, Jack married into a family rumored to have a sixth sense. He had no idea his daughter might inherit that “gift.” Now three boys are missing, and his world spirals into mayhem as he juggles two conflicting tasks: finding the boys and protecting his daughter.

Can he risk her life to save the boys? Who took them and how does he know Mikala?

"Think you have it figured out? You don't." – Janet, Amazon Reviewer.

CJ Zahner

About CJ Zahner (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

CJ Zahner

Cyndie "CJ" Zahner is a digital-book hoarder, lover of can't-put-down books, wife, mother, grandmother, and author.

Before becoming a novelist, CJ worked as a grant and freelance writer. Her articles varied from business to women’s health to the paranormal. In 2015, she began looking at life differently when her brother and his wife were diagnosed with dementia and early-onset Alzheimer’s. At that time, her husband pulled her aside and said, “Quit your job. You’re a writer.” After twenty years of service, CJ picked up her purse at work one day and quietly walked away.

Now, she rises before dawn, writes, runs, and smiles much. She’s published five novels: The Suicide Gene (2018), Dream Wide Awake (2018), Project Dream (2019), Friends Who Move Couches (2020), and Don’t Mind Me, I Came with the House (2021).

CJ Zahner lives in Wendell, NC and spends summers in the town where she grew up, Erie, Pennsylvania. A hard worker and story lover, Zahner hopes to read, write, and run happily ever after.