Dirty Little Secrets 2 – Expect the Unexpected

Dirty Little Secrets 2
262 Pages
L.C.L Publishing
ISBN 978-1491228418

Mark and Holly James feel their marriage has endured the worst. They've overcome infidelity and the looming question of their daughter's paternity. Life is almost back to normal until jealousy rears its ugly head, and someone they least expect decides it's time to once again turn their world upside down. Their bond may be strong, but can it handle the unexpected?

Lorna "L.A." Lewis

About Lorna "L.A." Lewis (Baton Rouge, Louisiana Author)

Lorna "L.A." Lewis

Bestselling Author, Lorna Lewis is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is the author of three novels and two motivational books. Lorna has recently added to her writing career as a scriptwriter and producer. She’s currently filming her first production, a miniseries, titled Secrets from the Bayou.

Lorna is an Instructional Specialist with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System where she’s devoted 16 years to changing the lives of every student and teacher she encounters. Teaching and writing are her passions, so it made sense for her to merge the two and start an online writing program where she teaches and coaches aspiring authors to finish their books.

Lorna is very proud of every title she carries, but the ones that make her the happiest are wife, mother, and child of God.