Descent Into Madness – (The Forgotten Years, Book 3)

Descent Into Madness
332 Pages
Kindle Direct Publishing
ISBN 1799146383

Cor’il Silvermoon is missing, presumed dead. Twisted, terrifying nightmares wander Cygil, corrupting everything in their midst. Orcish hordes and Red Sword armies battle for dominance, fighting furiously in massive battles across the land. The Realm is mired in dark times. Kendra Alscoradon has a plan, but she is hesitant. To pull Cygil out of darkness, she must confront her past, make new allies, and go undercover to spy on her enemies. Along the way, she learns stunning information about herself and her past that changes everything, forcing her to make some difficult decisions. Can Cygil be pulled out of these dark times?

Sean R. Frazier

About Sean R. Frazier (Columbia, Missouri Author)

Sean R. Frazier

Sean R. Frazier is the author of The Forgotten Years series. He was inspired to write in elementary school but did not seriously consider publishing anything until he graduated college. Though he had grandiose visions of churning out nonstop novels, those dreams were shelved for a while…until now.

Sean lives in Missouri with his wife, two daughters, and assorted pets. He is a father, a husband, a gamer, a runner, and a total dork.

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