Deidres Dawn – Book 1 of The Enchantment

Deidres Dawn
254 Pages
ISBN 978-1-944815-64-6

Deidre loves Abbess Brigit’s magical stories of Ancient Tuatha, the piper Lugh, and amazing fairies. In her heart, she hopes these Celtic Sagas hold the secrets of her ancestry. Legends and lore inspire her dream that her true parents are alive. A dream that reality stifles every day.

One day an old hag arrives with a mystical sign that sends Deidre and her friend Culain on a chase that ends at the mysterious gate to a world of Enchantment, danger and redemption. Join Deidre in her quest to discover her true identity in time to fulfill her destiny.

J. Michael McFadden

About J. Michael McFadden (Muskegon, Michigan Author)

J. Michael McFadden

J. Michael McFadden’s debut novel “Deidre’s Dawn: Book 1 of The Enchantment” launched in October, 2016. Part 2 of the Celtic Fantasy Trilogy, “Rising Darkness” published in April, 2018.

Drawing upon Celtic legend and lore, J. Michael creates lead characters, young Deidre and Culain, living in Ireland over 1000 years ago. Facing perilous tests to their courage, the fairies come to their aid in the Enchanted Ards Forest.

The dramatic conclusion will emerge in Book 3, “Star Lights” in late 2019.

J. Michael lives by Lake Michigan with his wife Barbara, inspired by fiery sunsets, frothy waves, and lighthouse beacons.