Deep Green

Deep Green
152 Pages
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ISBN 1530050774

After not earning a spot on his junior high school basketball team, Ray is confused on what direction he should take. He has always played sports, but he is now at a crossroads.

He takes up skateboarding, and with it come Ray’s downfalls. He lets a stereotype control his life. He stops hanging out with longtime friends. He begins socializing with a rough crowd. He shoplifts, and just when he thinks he has become invincible, he is arrested.

A church basketball team intervenes at a crucial moment in Ray’s life. Will it be enough for Ray to get his life back on the right path?

Gary Lloyd

About Gary Lloyd (Birmingham, Alabama Author)

Gary Lloyd

Gary Lloyd is the author of Trussville, Alabama: A Brief History, Deep Green, Heart of the Plate and Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South.

Gary grew up in the Birmingham, Ala., area and earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from The University of Alabama. He is currently working on his master's degree in High School Education - English Language Arts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

He lives near Birmingham with his wife, Jessica, and their two dogs, Abby and Sonny.