Dealing with the Hand I Was Dealt

Dealing with the Hand I Was Dealt
174 Pages
Publish U
ISBN 978-1502415219

Have you ever that felt life dealt you a hand that you just were not capable of dealing with? Or better yet, have you ever thought you got the worst possible combination of cards possible! Me too! At times, life seems unfair, unequal, and not so unequivocal. Of all life’s challenges, growing up without a father had to be the hardest card for me to deal with, but not impossible to conquer.

In “Dealing with the Hand I Was Dealt”, Brandy Hunt reveals how she struggled through life chasing one man after another looking for the love of her Father. She explains how a life without direction or identity leads to destruction. Her life was a complete disaster. Life dealt her one final blow that knocked her to her knees. That one moment changed her life, forever.

“Dealing with the Hand I Was Dealt” is a blueprint for conquering the challenges of life through faith and patience in order to receive the blessings that God has for all of us. God gently reminds us, that the hand we were dealt didn’t just come with pain, but also victory. However, we must go through the pain, to experience the victory. Jeremiah 29:11 so eloquently reminds us “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Brandy Hunt

About Brandy Hunt (Greenville, South Carolina Author)

Brandy Hunt

Author Brandy Hunt is the founder of Publish U®, a publishing consultant firm that provides one on one coaching and development as well as a touring workshop to assist new authors. Brandy is also an ambassador for Safe Harbor, community activist, leader, motivational speaker, and lover of high heel shoes.

She lives by the slogan “keep your heels high, and your standards higher.” Brandy is passionate about living a purpose filled life. Her desire is to live on purpose for God, in pursuit of His will at all times, and help other women do the same. Brandy is also the founder of PURE Woman, a women’s ministry designed to heal the whole woman.

Brandy recently graduated from college and received her Criminal Justice degree and will soon add domestic violence advocate to her professional resume. Her story is one to truly be admired. From pain to purpose. From victim to victor. She has triumphed and overcome many obstacles in her lifetime and is gracious to God that she lived to tell about it. Her life motto as an author; "God is ultimately the author; I am merely the pen writing His-story on the walls of His Kingdom.”