Dangerous Grounds

Dangerous Grounds
376 Pages
ISBN 978-1518760501

The most deadly waters in the world. More rocks, shoals and uncharted reefs that can be counted. Thousands of wrecks litter the bottom, their bones bleached white on the reefs. And, if reefs, shoals and massive typhoons aren’t enough, pirates lurk to take the unwary. They lie directly across some of the most congested shipping lanes in the world and in the heart of a cauldron where politics, religion, drugs, and greed boils over.

A young Naval Academy midshipman, a few SEALs, and the crew of a stolen submarine are the only people in a position to stop terrorists bent on bringing down a nuclear Armageddon, unleashing a holy war on mankind. Ripped directly from today’s headlines, it all starts in a part of the world that has for centuries been designated on navigational charts as The Dangerous Grounds.

This thriller feature many of the same characters as the two authors' novel FIRING POINT, which will soon be a major motion picture titled HUNTER KILLER, starring Gerard Butler, Common, and Gary Oldman.

Don Keith

About Don Keith (Birmingham, Alabama Author)

Don Keith

Award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith has lived in the South all his life and is a graduate of the University of Alabama. As a broadcast journalist, he won awards from the Associated Press and United Press International for news writing and reporting and was also the first winner of Troy University's Hector Award for innovation in broadcast journalism. As an on-the-air broadcaster, Don was twice named Billboard Magazine "Radio Personality of the Year."

His first novel, THE FOREVER SEASON, received the Alabama Library Association's "Fiction of the Year" award. He has since published more than thirty books, fiction, and non-fiction, including the nationally best-selling thrillers FINAL BEARING, DANGEROUS GROUNDS, and FIRING POINT. The latter will be released as a major motion picture in late 2017 starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman. His inspirational novella, THE LAST CHRISTMAS RIDE, has also been optioned for the screen, and his script based on his non-fiction book UNDERSEA WARRIOR is now being shopped. Don’s non-fiction work THE ICE DIARIES was submitted for consideration for the Pulitzer Prize.

Don has written extensively about World War II history. He sponsors the UNTOLD MILLIONS Project, an effort to encourage the capture and publication of eyewitness accounts of major historical events such as the Great Depression, World War II and other wars, the space program, the Civil Rights struggle, and more. The project website is www.untoldmillions.net.

Don lives in Indian Springs Village, Alabama, with his wife, Charlene. His website is www.donkeith.com.