Dancing with the Deserwolf – Life my Eternal Love

Dancing with the Deserwolf
100 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9957934-7-7

An autobiographical account of emotional and intimate childhood events remembered on the desert road through Egypt.

Every now and then, life sends us back to the past in order to solve situations and emotions there; make the present more bearable and allow for planning the future. It is a necessity, for the present is based upon the past and the future is the continuation of the present. This exercise should be performed away from the place you call home. The place where you live holds emotions and attachments for you and makes it very difficult to put your life into order. I have certain places on Earth where I put myself through self-searching and future building.

This book is the account of such a journey. My aim is to give my readers more than the storyline. I hope that you will also find a key sentence that helps you through your present. Have a nice life!

Zsa Zsa Tudos

About Zsa Zsa Tudos (Other Author)

Zsa Zsa Tudos

I've been teaching the mysteries of life and the universe for over 25 years; I have also been a family and relationship councillor for 20. I am on the quest of finding solutions for the miseries of earthlings and let them understand the Life is an extraordinary gift one should handle with CURIOSITY and FIRE. That is where writing steps in. Becoming an author is the amazing side-effect of my ever-moving, experiencing an emotionally rich lifestyle. A fantastic tool for sharing and helping. This way readers would become students and teachers at the same time. My aim as a writer is to give you at least 5 valuable and memorable sentences in each of my books. Words that would trigger your mind and force you to think. Then I am good. After that, you either love me or hate me. Since they are mirrors to one another, doesn't matter which one. You start the never-ending journey of understanding, experiencing and expanding. You will be on the path towards the state of mind we usually refer to as HAPPINESS.

Live in the present!