Currents – Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology

292 Pages
ISBN 978-1515179740

Currents is an anthology of work from the Corrales Writing Group for the year 2015. It includes humor, fiction, essays and memoir.

Corrales Writing Group

About Corrales Writing Group (Corrales, New Mexico Author)

Corrales Writing Group

In 2012 a small group of people in the beguiling and historic village of Corrales, New Mexico, formed a group to explore the craft of writing. Under professional guidance, members of the group learned how to create and critique memoirs, essays, stories and poems produced by each member of the group.

The Corrales Writing Group is comprised of seven people who meet bi-weekly to review each other's work using a formal process. The members strive to improve and expand their writing skills as well as publish their pieces in books and magazines. In a supportive atmosphere, they challenge each other to continually advance in their writing.