Create Your Best Year, One Day at a Time – A Peaceful + Poetic Inspiration Guide to What You Want The Most This Year

Create Your Best Year, One Day at a Time
106 Pages
ISBN 9781543452365

Every year, most set huge goals for their lives. However, only a small number of us actually achieve those goals. Women, especially mothers, struggle to set aside time and energy to dedicate to seeing their dreams come true. This book proposes a new way to go after your goals each year that is more aligned with women's natural ability to peacefully, purposefully progress one day at time.

The author takes you through a step-by-step process that will allow you to become your own life coach and motivator on the journey to manifesting what you want the most.

Clara Angelina Fiaz

About Clara Angelina Fiaz (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Clara Angelina Fiaz

Clara Angelina Diaz, declares her superpower to be her keen intuitive ability to connect the dots and find solutions quickly. She is a certified master-level life and business success coach, speaker, artist and author. She is a proud immigrant of The Dominican Republic, a mother of an almost 2 year old girl and is the eldest of six children. She is committed to a personal development journey and is passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves.

In her coaching practice she supports powerful women, mothers and organizations to achieve their most important goals. Her audiobook and leadership coaching program, Create Your Best Year (One Day at a Time), available in both English in Spanish, transforming the way women focus their energy and own their gifts.

Clara is the recipient of numerous awards: including the Inspirational Leadership and Community Empowerment Award for her leadership development work with the women of Brockton, Massachusetts. She had been named of the most prominent Latina business owners in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A regular mentor for the Center for Women and Enterprise Women’s Leadership Conference and Entrepreneurship for All’s Spanish program, Negocios Exitosos (Successful Businesses). She has a self-designed degree from Lesley University in Life and Business Management, and a certification in Life and Business Coaching from Wainwright International School of Coaching.