Contagious Encouragement – The 3-Step Formula That Can Radically Change Your Organization and The People in it

Contagious Encouragement
264 Pages
ISBN 978-1944157029

This Fantastic book is all about encouragement.

This Powerful formula is simple and easy to implement with several illustrations of its effectiveness, from the shop floor to the top floor of organizations and from the school room to the board room. This book will light your fire as you learn the benefits that come from simply encouraging others. This is a life changing book and will quickly become one of your favorites.

Phillip Hatfield

About Phillip Hatfield (Dallas, Texas Author)

Phillip Hatfield

Phillip Hatfield transforms the culture of organizations and their people through the power of authenticity as he helps build effective leadership skills, increase performance, and overcome personal and organizational barriers in a fun and engaging presentation.

Phillip is an expert in transformational leadership and a motivational / inspirational speaker. He is also a business consultant/ coach to C-level executives and a professional & personal development coach.

Phillip is also a successful business Strategist who succeeded in overcoming barriers & obstacles with successes & failures. His message is of hope, change- leadership & encouragement to help you transform your business & personal life.

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