Columbia Civil War Landmarks

Centered in the Confederacy's Atlantic states, Columbia was one of three untouched Southern capitals at the end of 1864. Its factories produced uniforms, swords, belts, bullets, gunpowder and cannonballs, all vital to the war effort, until the fiery onslaught of Sherman's invasion cut a swath through the city. Tom Elmore, local Civil War historian and tour guide, presents over sixty significant sites throughout the Greater Columbia area that were marked by moments of triumph and devastation during the war. Readers will find the stories behind both well-known and infamous places, including the Horseshoe on the University of South Carolina campus, the gruesome 1864 prisoner of war camp, the ruins of one of the largest textile mills ever built and the monument commemorating the spot where the great city was surrendered.

Tom Elmore

About Tom Elmore (Columbia, South Carolina Author)

Tom Elmore

Historian Tom Elmore grew up in Columbia, S.C. where he heard numerous tales and legends about life in the city during the Civil War.

Elmore holds a B.A. in History and Political Science from the University of South Carolina. He is the author of numerous articles in regional and national publications and has lectured all across the Mid-Atlantic States. In addition, Elmore is a book reviewer for Blue & Gray Magazine and The Civil War News. He lives in Columbia with his wife Krys and their Chihuahua Sassy.