Colloquial Elements – A Collection of Words, Prose, Thoughts, and Quotes

Colloquial Elements
170 Pages
ISBN 978-1542366120

These are a collection of my quotes, words, and a random passage from my books, social media posts, the back of my mind and wherever else I may have shared inspiration and motivation. Quotes and poems are often fuel to help our moods, to gain inspiration, or to simply elicit a feeling or emotion at that moment. These all hold a specific meaning to me, and I want to share them with you.

J Christian Connett

About J Christian Connett (Des Moines, Iowa Author)

J Christian Connett

J Christian Connett has been producing seminars, coaching, workshops, and various speaking engagements since 2004 in Interpersonal Relationships, Cognitive Behavior & Self-Awareness, and Digital Marketing.

Keynotes and speaking subjects surround self-awareness, emotional intelligence, marketing from a psychological perspective, digital marketing & web strategy, and currently developing an anti-bullying program.

Speaking Programs & Workshops: - Principles of Digital Marketing - Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Relationships - I. A.M.: The Four Elements of Life - Virtue & Vice – Cycle of Abuse

As a published Author, Christian’s books include focuses on Personal and Interpersonal Development, Introspective Awareness, and Digital Marketing.