Clarity – The Diamond Club Book 0

272 Pages

Successful jewel thief Drew Taylor is young, beautiful, and bored. She lives her life on the edge, trusting no one and deceiving everyone.

Logan James worked his ass off to become the best damn wide receiver the NFL has seen in years. Even though his sport is brutal he lives a life of honesty and trust.

When they meet at the Diamond Club their worlds collide and sparks ignite but will Logan’s honesty and Drew’s deceit destroy them. Mystery, danger and romance mingle together to form a sensual intriguing story for all romance lovers.

Sharon Coady

About Sharon Coady (Kissimmee, Florida Author)

Sharon Coady

National Best Selling Author Sharon Coady has been a reader her entire life. She loves her grandkids, her kids, her husband, writing and tattoos. By day Sharon works as a nurse for the VA. She has a black and white Paint gelding that the grandkids think is their big pet. When not working, writing or spending time with family Sharon and Ed are off riding their Harley.

Sharon started writing as a teen and after years of encouragement from her mother finally published her first contemporary romance. She continues to write, delving into different sub-genres of romance. She has published a YA paranormal, an adult paranormal, a romantic suspense, two sweet Christmas romances, three Spicy Christmas romances, a country music romance and two mystery/suspense novels.

When not writing or working as nurse you can find Sharon reading or enjoying her husband and grandchildren.