American Schoolgirl Explores Mexico – A Memoir

American Schoolgirl Explores Mexico
137 Pages
ISBN 978-1731286963

"American Schoolgirl Explores Mexico a Memoir"

At the beginning of our family trip, I had complained about having to go to Mexico, especially for an entire summer. And going to summer school? No way. Why would anyone want to go to school and drive hundreds of miles to get there? Summertime was for sleeping late, eating lots and swimming, you name it, anything but school. I didn’t want to learn about a whole new country. Back then, in 1965, I knew nothing about Mexico. What would I discover? What would occur there? Would I even like it there?

“As a ten-year-old,” explains Lopez, “I traveled with my whole family throughout Mexico, keeping a daily journal along the way, while my parents snapped fabulous photos. I still have the journal! Exciting adventures and historical places sprang upon us as we discovered eclectic Mexican cities, farms and villages, diverse terrain, and hardworking people. We even attended summer school in Guadalajara and lived with a local family.”

Without leaving the comfort of your own home, come along and experience this colorful, detailed tour of Mexico. Read through the pages of "American Schoolgirl Explores Mexico a Memoir" and enjoy your journey!

¡Buen viaje!

Ellen Lopez

About Ellen Lopez (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Ellen Lopez

Ellen Lopez was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She spent most of her "growing up" years practicing ballet, playing neighborhood sports and dreaming about faraway places like the Netherlands ("the Lowlands"), Norway ("the Land of the Midnight Sun") and New York City ("the Big Apple").

When Ellen was ten, she had the marvelous opportunity to go to Guadalajara for a whole summer! She and her family spent many weeks on the road in Mexico. Ellen attended summer school in Guadalajara while she and her family stayed with a local resident. Ellen kept a daily diary of the entire adventure. "American Schoolgirl Explores Mexico a Memoir" is her personal story.

Ellen enjoyed learning and graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Master's degree in Liberal Arts (1993), and from the University of Texas (Austin) with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (1976). She also has taken creative writing courses at Queen's University of Charlotte (2013-2014).

Recently, Ellen completed a rewarding 30-year career in Information Technology, first as a developer, then as a project manager. During this time, she had the opportunity to visit her favorite places - including Mexico. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Blas, writes every day and continues to travel.