Child of the Moons

A king lies on his deathbed, poisoned by unknown assassins. Signs of an evil cult that were once thought to be dead are starting to reappear, and whispers of usurpers are being heard in the kingdom of Triton. A stone from legend is sought out to heal or harm the land. Four adventurers chosen for their skills and brought together from an unfortunate event, as if by destiny, hunt for the Child of the Moons.

Follow four women as they travel through the forest of the wood elves, a place of mystery where no human has tread in decades, to the city of Skehla, one of the three human kingdoms. There they hope to find the Child of the Moons. The ancient stone that is steeped in legend and is said to have the power to end the world or save it.

Jonathan Davis

About Jonathan Davis (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan lives in the wilds of New Mexico (Yes it's a state). Is a fan of all literature and lives with his beautiful wife, eight animals, and daughter.