Called In The Midst of My Mess – Finding Myself While Serving God

Called In The Midst of My Mess
70 Pages
ISBN 978-1524693282

Pastor Andre shares segments of his private life during his time in ministry. He details the ups and downs of finding who he really is. Looking back into his childhood revealed keys to his current behaviors—fighting ungodly generational curses that have him consistently falling short of serving God.

Many of his answers came through the Holy Spirit. If you believe God won’t use you, you are wrong! Embrace who you are in God and fulfill God’s purpose in you.

Andre Fullwood

About Andre Fullwood (Greenville, South Carolina Author)

Andre Fullwood

Andre Fullwood, native of Detroit Metropolitan area. He is creator and host of "You Can Make It", radio broadcast. It airs on several platforms: Facebook Live, Take It to the Maxx Global Radio Network on, YouTube Channel: You Can Make It.

He is the author of newly published " Called In the Midst of My Mess", Finding Myself While Serving God. Andre has a passion for helping to heal and restore those who have been hurt and wounded in this life.