BUTTERFLY SUMMER – Quest to Save the Monarchs

186 Pages
Rolling Meadows Publishing
ISBN 978-1-7349582-0-1

11-year-old Skylar Maroni's parents said inheriting great-grandpa's house, and leaving Chicago to live out in the Wisconsin countryside, would be a life-changer. Sky agreed, just not quite the way her parents hoped, making her realize something important – kids' opinions don't count. Because kids aren't doing important things that make a difference, nobody really listens to them.

In her new home, Sky fights loneliness by exploring the fields and meadows, with only her pesky little brother Scout, for company. There, she discovers the plight of the vanishing monarch butterflies. Their numbers are going down so fast that experts fear within a few years monarchs could be wiped out of North America – forever. Deciding she can't let that happen, Sky enlists Scout to join her quest to save the monarchs and make a difference in the world. But, they soon find saving the monarchs is harder than they ever expected...

BUTTERFLY SUMMER Quest to Save the Monarchs weaves together the beauty and science of butterflies. Following Sky and Scout on their quest will touch readers' hearts, and make them smile, even as the story delivers fascinating, scientifically accurate information about these iconic creatures. An Appendix of Fun Facts, drawings, and a glossary, encourage additional learning. Appropriate for ages 9 and up.

Siri DiSavona

About Siri DiSavona (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

Siri DiSavona

I live in the Midwest, but love to travel the U.S. in an RV with my husband John, a Shetland sheepdog named Smokey, and Puddie Tat, a calico cat with too many toes.     Because the plight of the vanishing monarch butterflies is true, I also hand-raise monarchs from eggs. When the butterflies are ready for release, I enlist other people to share the experience. This is where the real fun starts. As they touch and interact with the butterflies, adults and kids alike respond with such excitement, sense of wonder and sometimes tears, that it makes each butterfly release a truly amazing, almost magical, experience that never gets old. My book, BUTTERFLY SUMMER Quest to Save the Monarchs, embodies that feeling.