Butterfly Chaos

Three months after her cousin Toni died, Cassie is still reeling. Toni’s best friend now ignores her in the halls. Cassie’s cousin is dating the girl who torments her in gym. And Cassie has maybe a teeny-tiny crush on the boy who pulled Toni’s body out of the river.

Then Toni’s ghost visits Cassie and reveals that in two nights, a powerful EF3 tornado will rip into a dance hall, killing those three kids.

Cassie sets out to keep everyone from going to the dance. As she argues and cajoles (and stockpiles minor munitions to clear the building, just in case) she uncovers stories about her friends’ connections with Toni – and all the reasons they refuse to skip this awesome dance. Why does everyone have to be so bullheaded! Despite everything Cassie does to change their destiny, they find themselves directly in the killer tornado’s path....

Melinda R. Cordell

About Melinda R. Cordell (St. Joseph, Missouri Author)

Melinda R. Cordell

My book, Courageous Women of the Civil War, has just been published by Chicago Review Press. I earned my Master’s in Writing for Children from Hamline University, where I worked with Gary Schmidt, Mary Logue, and Marsha Chall. My fiction and articles have appeared in Cicada, Cricket, Highlights, Read, and The Horn Book, and I’ve written for many gardening magazines.