Build a Writing Team

Build a Writing Team
129 Pages
ISBN 1499257279

You are a writer who likes to be alone with your thoughts while you create the stories bouncing around in your busy mind.

But remember—anyone can write a book, but you must write the best book you can. You're competing with thousands and thousands of writers trying their hardest to win the race to the reader's dollars.

What do you need to do to be a real contender?


Face your inner-entrepreneur and change out of your yoga pants to do some real social-networking. Building a support team is not as complicated as you think. It just takes time and a shift in your mind-set. Stop wondering how everyone else is finding success. You're the boss of your career, so act like it. Take charge and move your writing life forward!

G. M. Barlean

About G. M. Barlean (Omaha, Nebraska Author)

G. M. Barlean

Gina M. Barlean is a Nebraska author who writes mystery and suspense with a Midwestern voice, and characters who could be anyone the reader might know.

Barlean has been a professional photographer, managed her small town's Opera House, and worked with entrepreneurs as the director of her town's Chamber of Commerce.

She is the author of nine books, all of which are available on Amazon, most in either digital or print form.