Breaking the Healing Code – The Complete Biblical Journey To Discovering the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Wholeness

Breaking the Healing Code
180 Pages
4-P Publishing
ISBN 978-1941749289

Do you feel like you or a loved one are sick all the time, and it is always something new? Sometimes there are many symptoms of different infections/diseases at the same time -- making it difficult to identify the problem. You've asked yourself, "Why am I constantly sick?" Breaking the Healing Code will provide you with the answers you need.

You’ll discover what most doctors are not equipped to understand, the spiritual dimension and root cause of all sickness. Not only will you discover spiritual hindrances to your healing, you will be equipped with troubleshooting solutions. Join the growing number of readers across the globe and learn how to apply the concepts in this book to break the healing code for your life.

Christopher-Charles Chaney

About Christopher-Charles Chaney (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Christopher-Charles Chaney

Christopher-Charles Chaney is an award-winning author and national caregiving advocate who knows first-hand the joys and heartaches of caring for a family member.

His experiences as his mother’s caregiver led him to start the award-winning Mama Peaches series of caregiving books, with stories, tips, and support for family care. He also created CHANEYspeaks, Inc, an ongoing effort to benefit those facing the challenges of caregiving through educational and supportive services for families, communities, corporations, and faith-based organizations.

Dedicated to his mission to bring comfort and hope to others, Christopher lives and writes in Chattanooga, TN.