Boone – The Sanctified

232 Pages
ISBN 0989633047

Boone Tackett has been sanctified. An eerie symbol has replaced the symbol of the leader on his clothing, a false prophet has convinced everyone that he is a traitor, and to add to all of the other changes in his life, his dad has taken a job in another state. When Boone is confronted by a group of wolves living in his world, he learns that the place he once loved has been turned upside down. With a new church and a group of uniquely gifted friends by his side, Boone will have to decide if returning to the garden to save his family from servitude is worth the possibility of destroying everything he once loved.

Lauren H. Brandenburg

About Lauren H. Brandenburg (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Lauren H. Brandenburg

Lauren H. Brandenburg is a mentor, speaker, and author who happily blurs the lines between traditional genres in both middle grade and humorous family fiction. She has currently written six of the ten books in The Books of the Gardener Series--Orlo: The Chosen (#4) was a finalist for the Selah Award middle grade novel of the year. The Death of Mungo Blackwell, a humorous family fiction (Lion Hudson Publishing) was recently longlisted for the People's Book Prize in the United Kingdom. Lauren is a former junior high and high school English teacher who stepped away from her profession to raise and homeschool her two children. While Kentucky will always be her home, she currently lives with her husband, Jamie, and their children in a lovely little town just south of Nashville, Tennessee, where they eat and laugh a lot.